The  aim of Info Digital Academy is to support internet entrepreneurs and marketers in their endeavour to build and grow their businesses and to be successful. Info Digital Academy provides selected information, knowledge and content. The Academy is a part of Info Digital Pte Ltd. 

Info Digital Pte Ltd is an internet marketing company registered in Singapore. The company researches specific market and product niches in terms of competitiveness, consumer demand and overall attractiveness by applying a thorough niche validation and selection process. Info Digital Ptd Ltd also owns and manages some retail brands. The company's aim is to provide thoughtful solutions and information to bring value to our clients and to help enabling them to make informed decisions. 

Manfred Liechti is the founder and managing director of Info Digital Pte Ltd. He is a Swiss citizen and permanent resident in Singapore and set up Info Digital Pte Ltd in 2017. Manfred is a global citizen, a passionate, optimistic and benevolent entrepreneur, a father of two wonderful kids, an adviser, leader and mentor. He likes to play tennis and is an avid football fan. 

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