Descriptions & Notes

"Amis Des Amis" means "Friends of Friends" in English refers to the famous rally race "Paris - Dakar".

"Eurokratie" means "Eurocracy" (Europe & Bueraucracy).

The Fulehung is a longstanding tradition in Thun’s (town in Switzerland) history.  During the Battle of Murten in 1476 the warriors from Thun captured Charles the Bold’s court jester. Nowadays, the court jester, who is called the Fulehung, is the main character of the annual Marksmen’s Festival (Ausschiesset) in Thun. The Fulehung is equipped with mask, pig’s bladder and nightstick and chases the crowd through the streets of Thun’s old town, while handing out candy to the kids.

Hairy Hat Man was the initial character standing for letter h in  Letterland. He was replaced by Harry Hat Man, who doesn't have a beard.

OsloBaby could either be a person (baby in Oslo) or a fashion brand.

PoloParis can relate to the polo game played in Paris or a fashion brand.

One could think of a number of stars in the entertainment or sports world in relation to this domain. We chose the King in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Jesus Christ Superstar and the late King Of Pop Michael Jackson. 

Vernon Richards (19.7.1915–10.12.2001) was an Anglo-Italian anarchist, editor, author and companion of Marie-Louise Berneri. Across seven decades, Vernon Richards, maintained an anarchist presence in British publi-shing. His chosen instrument was Freedom Press, based in Whitechapel, in London's east end. He edited the anarchist paper Freedom - and its prewar and wartime variations - into the 1960s. 

This domain suits any hotel, restaurant, bar, or any other business by the riverside, or any town or place called Riverside. 

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