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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Advertsuite is the software that will ensure your Facebook ads are winners every single time and will enable you to drive sales to your bank account without spending any money on ads that don’t work.

AdvertSuite is the first and largest software of its kind to ensure you run FB ads that make you money right away – it’s that simple. Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is home to the leading online traffic generation method, the Facebook ads.

In the Facebook context a few interesting and relevant numbers:

- 57% of Facebook users say Facebook ads influence their shopping decisions

- 78% of American consumers say they discovered products from Facebook ads

- 28% of users have made a purchase related to a Facebook ad

- 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads

It's clear that many businesses make their online money through Facebook ads. However, it's also true that many users (specially beginners) face some key problems related to Facebook ads:

Here are some key concerns of Facebook ads users:

- How do I even create a Facebook ad?

- Where do I send the traffic to? Opt-in page? Sales page? Webinar?

- How do I monetize a Facebook ad?

- How do I know which audience, interests and countries to target?

- What type of ad should I do? Video, image, or sidebar?

- How do I create a winning ad and avoid wasting money on ads that don’t work?

What if there was a way to see the winning ads in any niche, the targeted audience of these ads, the growth rate of these ads, and also the page the ad is sending visitors to, all in one dashboard?

There actually is such a way! It’s called AdvertSuite, which is the largest database of Facebook ads in the world containing:

- 40 million listed ads

- in over 20 countries

- with 10,000 ads added daily

AdvertSuite allows you to:

1) see all current live and past FB ads that arewinnersin any niche

2) see some of their targeting countries, age group, gender, etc...

3) see exactly where the ad traffic of the winners is being sent to

4) replicate the winnersfor your own business

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, Advertsuite helps you making profit fast, while others spend money split testing, which you don’t have to do anymore.

Local marketing and offline business

Need more customers for your or your clients store? Use AdvertSuite to see the winning ads for any local business niche in seconds. Search domains, a keyword or a fan page to instantly see the winners and to replicate them for your own or your clients business.

Online marketing, funnel & lead generation ads

Use AdvertSuite to search all the Facebook ads running to a sales funnel, lead page or opt-in offer, and see the relevant demographics and landing pages to replicate for yourself.


AdvertSuite changes the game for those who are in e-commerce or those who want to start. Search all Facebook ads going to any Shopify, Magento or Woo-commerce store in seconds to discover the most trending products, the engaged audiences and funnels, to instantly replicate them.

List building

AdvertSuite allows you to grow your email list fast by showing you the exact ads, funnels and targeted audiences, keywords or domanis of any advertiser, allowing you to replicate them.

Here is how AdvertSuite is going to make your life much easier:

Remove the guesswork from Facebook ads

AdvertSuite shows you exactly which ads are working right now (and which ones are not). You no longer have to waste time and money on ads that don’t work. Search for keywords, niches, competitors and even domains to see the winning ads.

Generate traffic with ads

Remove the need to test, change, and edit ads by allowing AdvertSuite to show you the best performing ads in your niche.

Competitor breakdown

Advertsuite will show you any competitor ads, including their landing pages on one dashboard for your to replicate.

Demographics and engegement filters

These filters allow you to search ads based on gender, age group and location. Furthermore, you can search formost likes, comments or shares to find out what other users are engaging with.

Geo location filters

Are you unsure which countries to target? AdvertSuite breaks down where every ad is shown to allow you to better identify the audiences you are targeting.

Video & image ad integration

With video ads being a leading advertising strategy, Advertsuite will show you which video ads are working the best for your niche right now.

Call to action based sorting

AdvertSuite will allow you to filter ads according to their call to action to show you whichcall to action to choose for your campaigns and your niche.

Funnel breakdown

AdvertSuite will not only show you the winning ads, but also allow you to see the landing pages where the traffic is being sent to.

AdverSuite comes with a 14 days money back guarantee, which basically makes it a risk for you not to buy this revolutionary software.



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