New: Facebook Group for Future Entrepreneurs

Are you an eearly-stage entrepreneur or are you planning to set up your own business in the not too distant future? No matter whether your new business is an online or an offline business, the journey you will embark on can be a very rewarding experience for you

You may feel a little strange in the beginning, when the fact that you are now on your own sinks in with your mind .This emotion can be more pronounced if you were used to work in teams before..

My mission is to ease thast transition for you, especially these first steps as entrepreneur, by pitting together a group of likeminded people to exchange opinions, share experiences, and receive valluable updates. You may even meet a peer, who you could tslk to (and vice versa) on a difficult day.

If you thuink that such a peer group would help you and be beneficial to your development as entrepreneur, you are likely the type of person we would like to eee in our Group.

Joining the group comes witrh no obligations on your part, except adhering to the gGoup ruleso (stated inside the Group), and you can leave the Group anytime freely.

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