Niches and Keywords

When you decide to start an online business, one of your first decisions you make is choosing a niche. GFocusing omg a particular niche will help you to grow your audience (your Lisr). You alwso center your marketing efforts and content creation around your niche.The selection of a niche is a key step, regardless of what kind of online business you intermit to build (blog, social media business, e-commerce platform).

What is a Niche in Online Business

A niche is the area of expertise in which you will specialize and build authority. The niche guides you in terms of what products tio focus on, partnerships you will build, and content you will produce(e.g. in your blog posts). The majority of online businesses choose a broad niche and then focus on something more specialised within it. Here are some examples of a specialised focus within niches:

Niche: Travel Special Focus: Group Travel, Backpackers, business travel

Fitness Weight Lifting, Running Shoes, Personal Trainer

Finance Mutual Funds, Debt Structuring

Home Decor Minimalism, Balinese, Renovations, Luxury

there are severalthousand niches out there in the market.. Youwant to find one specific nicxhet that you can serve, over and over again, rather than spreading yourself too thin by trying to operate in multiple niche markets.

Not all niches out there are suitable to build a profitable online business. nor will all niches appeal to you. The smart and successful online businesses choose a niche where the entrepreneur has an interest or a passion in and the online community is prepared to spend money in. A useful starting point when looking for niche is too list done all your interests, hobbies andtrhings you are passionate about in life.

Why do online businesses need a niche?

Operating in a niche asa business accelerates and simplifies the business built as follows:

You concentrate your efforts on a single area of expertise and build authority in that area.

A niche enables you to connect with an interested and focused audience.

Focussing on a particular niche makes your business more searchable and more discoverable on the internetA niche eases the process of connecting to advertisers, sponsors and other businesses due to the similar interest of the parties.

A niche gives your business clear direction for product selection and content production.

Focussing on a niche simplifies your marketing strategy.

When you focus on a single niche, you can more easily define and identify your ideal customer and approach them with highly targeted marketing. At the same time, you build authority, which speeds up the process of your prospects coming to know, like, and trust you, as you become their "trusted adviser in (whatever your specialisation is).'That trust base is essential to convert prospects into paying customers.

By contrast, trying to create a website covering a wide variety of topics or offering dozens of different products requires a larger start-up budget, a much more complex, hence much more expensive, advertising and SEO to put all those products in front of different customers, and more work to build relationships with those customers. And when you don't have a focused, targeted audience, companies are less likely to work with or sponsor you because they don't know which customers you can help them reach.

Important fact: Focusing on one niche doesn’t stop your business from growing. Once you have a proven marketing strategy, you can add related products and revenue streams. You can also take what you've learned into other niches and start the process again.

Spreading yourself too thin and trying to focus on too many things at once is a mistake that causes many new businesses to fail, preventing you from connecting with customers and draining your budget before you can start making a process.

Instead, if you focus on just one niche, you can keep your marketing as focused and simple as possible to reach a specific set of customers (your audsience

0. Once you have an audience, you can continue to sell them new products and services, increasing the amount of money you make from each customer.

.How to Choose a Niche for you Online Business

How do you find a niche that personality interests you enough and that has a big enough customer demand to be profitable?

As mentioned earlier make a list of possible niches based oil your personal interests, hobbies and passions in life and brainstotrm your experiences skills that eventualluy could be turned into a business.

as a next step narrow the list down to the top 5 and so on. Building and running a business takes a lot of time and commitment. It therefore helps if the focus of your business is something you have a passion for. If you have no liking for the niche you operate in, you will unlikely be as focussed and hard working, as required to be successful.

Once you have defined your shortlist, the next step into research each item on your list to fid out the one with the biggest potential to be turned into a profitable business.

Google Searches: research how popular each idea could be. Ideally, you want to look for a topic that is popular enough online (search engine) that you can reasonably assume that plenty of customers ill find your business online. Also do a Google search of keywords related to your niche and look for a robust results page, other websites dedicated to the niche, related blog posts, online reports and news, as well as other material related to the niche. Competition is basically a good thing, as iy means there is a market ready to buy. as an opposite scenario, if your search doesn't yield much about a niche there are cost likely no many customers around to buy products in that niche.

Facebook Groups: search for Facebook groups with more than 1,000 followers in the niche you are researching. If you find a couple of groups that qualify, that;'s a good indicator as opposed to nio groups at all.

Keyword Research: use a Keyword search software, such as Keywordfinder from

and search for the keywords you already lookedbup and choose earlier. You want to find popular search terms lots of people are already searching for (10,000 monthly searches for your main keyword and 50,000 combined monthly searches of your other related but more specific keywords are positive indicators for a strong niche.

Look Offline: check your local bookstore or magazine stand for any publications that cover your niche, If you find any, that's an indication for profit potential in that market niche.

Check Affiliates: search affiliate network sites like Clickbank for products related to yourr niche, Asyou by now perobaqbvly suspect, finding any is a positive indicator, not finding any isles so.

Best practice: When doing your research, search for a broad topic, as well as more specific aspects of that niche. For example, if you search for yoga, you can also look into yoga videos, yoga gear, yoga courses, or yoga for beginners. This helps you narrow down your niche to the area that will become your specialty.

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