Opportunity in Uncertain Times

We are all going through unprecedented times. To the families and friends of the 300,000 lives the virus has taken around the globe to date,  I offer my deepest sympathy and my prayers. And for those who are ill and currently in hospital, I wish them all the strength to overcome their ordeal and make a quick and full recovery.

The crisis isn't over yet, but developments in certain countries are promising, so that perhaps schools can re-open and workers can slowly return to their work place, provided that still exists. Most economies will open up again and loosen lockdown measures, but only upon conviction that such steps are safe. Another spike in new cases is the last thing we would want to see; we therefore all stay vigilant.

Coming back to returning to jobs: the question whether they will still be there is sadly in many cases a realistic scenario, looking at the latest U.S. unemployment rate of 14,7 % with a Fed warning that these numbers could easily deteriorate much further. While the European Union has earmarked an unprecedented sum of EUR 600 billion of economic support and stimulus for the virus-shaken economy, a record high of German firms have already applied for financial help from the government. These actual scenarios  in the U.S,. and in Germany let me believe that the worst economically is yet to come.

A beneficiary of this crisis is the digital economy and everybody who had the ability has moved their businesses online. A good example are the private schools and the universities, which have meanwhile closed their doors, but not necessarily their operations. Their courses are now being offered online.

This unprecedented economic crisis will leave many families and many individuals in a dilemma. There will be people , who will be forced into a new beginning, which will likely cause financial hardship. Anticipating this trend , I have spent weeks to create a detailed course about Entrepreneurship .The course runs over 8 weeks in a virtual classroom The learning content will be delivered in 8 Chapters utilizing Zoom technology, using reading materials, video lessons, and of course personal discussions among the course cohort. This course will teach all the knowledge needed and, most importantly, offers a transformation of mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset needed to become a successful entrepreneur in today's business world. 

If you're pondering about what you professional future might be, this course could change your life by becoming your own boss and master and building your own business.

If this course helps only a single person to rebound and build a new living and achieve personal satisfaction and pride, then building and teaching this course was already worthwhile. Perhaps it provides you or someone you know with a new possible avenue to pursue, which would be wonderful.

In case this has taken your interest, a detailed course description and course curriculum are available by clicking here.

I much hope to be able to transmit my knowledge to help others.


Manfred Liechti

Info Digital Academy

Manfred Liechti talks about entrepreneurship

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